The Founder Of Tron Seeks To Decentralize The Internet Through The Acquisition Of BitTorrent


There was no shortage of enthusiasm and hype for the Tron project. Although this is already a successful virtual currency, the project can demonstrate much more to the masses. However, it seems that the creator of this project seeks to diversify its assets. Contrary to what most people would expect, he would not buy other encryption solutions but would focus on something else.

Tron founder, Justin Sun, seems to be in talks with BitTorrent Inc. for the acquisition of the company. It seems that both parties have been negotiating for some time, and soon the agreement shall be accomplished.

Although, BitTorrent does not have the best reputation in the world of technology, and same is the case of cryptocurrencies such as Tron. However, the public perception of these two entities can change quite rapidly if they converge significantly. The acquisition of BitTorrent by Tron will undoubtedly alter the situation, but it is not yet clear if the agreement will be completed.

The last few years for BitTorrent Inc. weren’t so easy. The company had a large user base, but it has never become a success story for early investors. In fact, everything went from bad to worse due to bad management practices and failed projects. BitTorrent could not implement its technology, offering legitimate downloads of music, digital products, and others. The comeback will require a radical change.

The decentralization of the Internet is an exciting goal, although it will be amazingly complicated to attain. There are many centralized aspects of the modern Internet, but it will probably never be decentralized. Acquiring BitTorrent Inc. will be a big step forward in this regard, but this will also require a ton of capital. Given Tron’s current assessment, it is obvious that this move will lead or disorder the project as a whole.

In a link with Tron’s activity, it had recently reported about the rollout of its mainnet. It had revealed its own Wiki and is accessible on Apple’s Stock App.

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