Las Vegas Workers On Strike For The Fear Of Robots Taking Over Their Job


More than 50,000 union workers are about to go on strike in Las Vegas if new contracts are not closed before June 1, and at the top of the list of trade, cooks and bartenders union is the safekeeping against switching robots.

Hotel industry representatives working at 34 casinos in Las Vegas, including property companies Caesars Entertainment Corporation and MGM Resorts International, have been nominated since Friday to attend the city strike to provide jobs and prevent automation for labor works.

According to the Workers’ Culinary Union, the strike, which is the first one since 1984, will include bartenders serving guests, kitchen workers, porters, waiters, and chefs. The organization expects the two above-mentioned operators to lose more than $10 Million a day if they do not meet the table and meet employee requirements. According to NBC, it could cost $315 Million a month if the strike happens to continue.

Two unions are looking for a new five-year deal they have been running for months but have not yet agreed with casino operators. One of the biggest problems in this process seems to be the growing concern for automation and what this can mean to employees in the future.

Culinary and hotel industries are the main goals of automation in the coming years. According to the Cognizant survey, a majority of the US travelers want more automation at hotels, which may cause problems for the staff and administrators at the reception. Almost three-fourths of hotel operators said that artificial intelligence systems would be crucial in 2025 and 58% said they would use cleaning robots.

One of the most popular reports of McKinsey Global Institute states that around 73 Million jobs only in the US are at risk owing to increasing penetration of automation and the figures might surge by 2030.

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