Mapbox Join Hands With Intel, Microsoft, And Others To Offer Maps For Self-Driving Vehicles


Mapbox, the US-located mapping firm, has joined hands with Intel, Microsoft, and others to offer maps for self-driving vehicles. Mapbox offers the original maps in other applications such as Instacart and Snapchat instead of the application itself.

“Our freshly announced Vision SDK incorporates with IoT platform of Microsoft Azure. This joint venture enhances the driving experience within the car and creates road information in the background to fuel analytic solutions for insurance companies, smart cities, and more,” claimed CEO at Mapbox, Eric Gundersen, to the media in an interview this week.

The prospect of location will be developing real-time live maps from dispersed sensor networks integrated in mobile devices and vehicles at scale. The Vision SDK operates neural networks straightly on a mobile device of the user or surrounded hardware inside a vehicle to classify the environment and sense discrete functions such as pedestrians, other vehicles, construction signs, speed limits, vegetation, crosswalks, and more.

On the hardware end, the company joined hands with ARM Holdings, the chip unit of Softbank Group Corp. “We are associating with ARM on low power optimization that will convey the Vision SDK to thousands of millions of machines and devices,” claimed Gundersen.

Mapbox also associated with Mobileye, the self-driving unit of Intel. The “RoadBook” by Mapbox offers maps at lane level for fully and semi-autonomous cars. “Via the collaboration with Mapbox, we allow a low and large-scale data-rate as well as cloud-to-car allocation of the RoadBook,” claimed SVP at Mobileye for Advanced Development and Strategy, Erez Dagan, to the media in an interview.

Speaking of Intel, the company lately came into limelight due the accusation of slashing some of its employees from job on the basis of their age. The firm is under inquiry for possible age discrimination when it declared 12,000 layoffs, as per the sources.

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