Opioid Crisis Taking Its Toll On US Workforce


The crisis surrounding opioid is taking an enormous shape, which is highly depressing. As per a research, it is found that 1/3rd of the American citizens survive on the drugs that contain opioid. The drugs include the painkillers, which is not only effective but also addictive. It is evident that out of 5 prescribed patients, 1 starts to take the medicine for a longer period of time than prescribed.

As per the research organized by the National Bureau of Economic Research; the workplaces, as well as the workforce, are deeply affected due to the crisis of opioid. This is a devastating scenario for the American families. This is also contributing to the depleting workforce and the rate of participation of the labor force has also gone down by 4% points.

Apart from the negative effect on the humans, the economic stability is also deeply impacted due to the deficit of the drug due to the intervention of the numerous factors. These are the depleted labor force, a higher cost associated with the healthcare, and the compromised productivity.  2015 also witnessed the pharmacy cost compensation of the workers worth $1.5 billion, which was directly associated with opioids.

Dannel Malloy, the Governor of Connecticut has decided to take firm steps against the situation that will help restrict the rate of flow of opioids prescription that will directly contribute to lowering the disturbing effects of the scarcity. Along with Connecticut, Florida, California, and Tennessee are also evaluating the situation with high importance. The US Congress has also decided to take a note of the bills in order to understand the reason for the crisis and take proper steps to curb it. This will include law enforcement, enhancing the responses of the Medicaid and Medicare responses, and others.

The policymakers, citizens, insurers, and employers must act in conjugation in order to address the concern immediately before it takes a mammoth shape.

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