US-China Trade War Not Over Yet…


The scenario of the US sanctions has created a bitter relationship between the countries and the trade war between China and the US continues with its pace. China has even warned to cancel all the trade talks between Washington and Beijing if the US remains rigid regarding the trade sanctions.

China has even thought of enhancing the imports from the various foreign lands after the conversation between the US Secretary and the Chinese Vice Premier, Wilbur Ross and Liu He, respectively.

Ross visited China after Washington threatened to implement a tariff on the $50 billion of the Chinese goods.

In the meantime, the G7 nations have also raised their voices protesting the tariff implemented on the aluminum and steel imports.

On the other hand, Trump is not deviating an inch from his decision to nullify the sanction as he believes that this will not only safeguard the US steelmakers but will also be beneficial for the national security. He further cleared his intentions by stating that the US has also faced restrictions from the European countries apart from the other sources.

Chinese have also released a statement that reveals that the conversation between the US and China at Beijing has not offered any specific outcome. The statement also referred to the agreement of the previous month, which described to boost the purchase of the US goods and services.

The Chinese have issued a warning of the initiation of the trade war and also said that both the parties will have to meet on the halfway. Xinhua, the Chinese news agency also stated that China thrives on opening, reforming, and enhancing the domestic demand, which will not be altered in any scenario.

It had further mentioned that if the US continues in the path of the sanction, the trade, as well as economic achievements that were negotiated by both the countries, will be nullified.

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