Russian Interference In US Elections: Are Probe Expenses Within Limits?

Robert Mueller, the special counsel under the Justice Department is said to have spent a huge sum of more than $17 million on his Russian investigation.


Investigation to see if there were any connections with the Presidents election to Russian interference is being led by Robert Mueller. However, Mueller defends that the amount has been overstated by a large margin, which is not true.

Mueller had been appointed last May, but he had spent around $10 million within a short span between October and March towards the probe into the Russian interference in the election.

Though Mueller defends that he is spending within limits, there have been many complaints coming from all angles, including from President Trump.

Mueller, however, states that he has spent $4.5 million as direct expenses. This amount also includes salaries, benefits for his employees and other loans to the DOJ team of officials.

Further, an amount of $5.476 million was spent on other activities involved with the investigation, the Justice Department reports. These activities involved travel and transport, particularly as the Justice employees have been relocated to Washington headquarters for the purpose of investigation.

Expenses also involve IT services as well as supplies and materials.

The department has further clarified that expenses have to be spent on DOJ work.

The report covers the period between April 1st and September 30th. The finalized report after the probe can be expected anytime by the end of the year, says the special counsel office.

This overstatement of the amount spent, as claimed by President Trump is not true, feel officials from the special counsel.

Officials from the special counsel, feel that President Trump and his team will find fault with their expenditure, no matter what amount was spent. Further, the Justice Department feels that most of the amount would have been spent, irrespective of the appointment of a special counsel to probe into matters.

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