Huge Amount Of Kids In China Get Access At An Early Age


Over 60% of youngsters in China started using the Internet from the age of 6 and 10 years, as per a survey. Almost 50% of them invest not more than 2 Hours each day on the web, while 24% remain online for almost 2–4 Hours each day, a study mutually carried out by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, and Tencent said.

Music and short videos are the topics on which they spend a huge amount of time. In addition, since 20% of participants claimed that they spend all the time seeing short videos and 29% of them claimed that they spend roughly all the time listening to music. The study also discovered that most of them make use of the Internet for learning purposes. Moreover, 20% of them claimed that they have to search for information and data, looking up words online and doing homework each day.

Almost 22% of them claimed that they might use the Internet to read current affairs and news. The study warned that Internet fraud, pornography, and cyberbullying have turned out to be major threats for teens in the country, claimed state-controlled news agency, Xinhua.

Speaking of China, the country aims to roll out 60 Jilin-1 high-resolution video satellites by the end of 2020. This news was given to the media by the satellite developer in an interview. The remote sensing high-resolution optical satellites were independently designed for commercial use by Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co. Ltd., claimed Xinhua news agency.

Presently, China has rolled out ten Jilin-1 satellites in the outer atmosphere. In total, 4 Jilin-1 satellites were launched in the outer atmosphere in October 2015. Jilin-1 Video 03 was rolled out in January 2017. Later in November 2016, Jilin-1 Video 06, 05, and 04 were placed into prearranged orbits.

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