Uber Vanished From Turkey, Claims Nation’s President Tayyip Erdogan


Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, has claimed that Uber (the ride-hailing app) is done in Turkey. This comes after pressure from taxi drivers of Istanbul who claimed that the firm was offering an unlawful service and asked for it to be barred.

Almost 17,400 taxis run in Istanbul, home to almost 1/5th of Turkey’s population of 81 Million individuals. In addition, ever since Uber has made an entry in 2014 in the nation, tensions have elevated sharply. Erdogan’s statement followed after new laws were declared in recent times squeezing transport licensing needs, making it harder for drivers to enroll with Uber and threatening a 2-year prohibition for violations.

“This thing dubbed as Uber surfaced in the country. That business is over now. That is not present here anymore,” he claimed in Istanbul in a speech late last week. “We have our own taxis. Where does this Uber come in the picture? It is employed in Europe, I do not give a thing about that. We will make our decision on our own,” further claimed Erdogan who is standing in 3 Weeks for re-election.

Uber had no instant answer to this situation when contacted. After the transport licensing modifications were issued it claimed that it needed to work with all sides to enhance transportation and to be “a real associate to the country for future.”

Uber claimed that almost 2,000 cab drivers employ its application to finding users, while additional 5,000 are working for UberXL. They use huge vans for transportation of groups to parties or take users with heavy luggage to airports of Istanbul. It refused to disclose the figures of Uber consumers in Turkey, where it runs in Istanbul, and in the resort cities of Cesme and Bodrum.

Previously this year, taxi drivers of Istanbul took Uber to court blaming it for operating illegally and hampering their business.

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