Lasseter Quits Disney Amid Charges Of Misconduct


John Lasseter, the head of Disney Animation is about to leave the organization after the surge of accusations of misconduct were filed against him.

He was blamed for making the employees uncomfortable with his hugs. After the series of accusations rose in November, the director of Toy Story didn’t visit the office.

In response to the present situation, Lasseter had stated that he will drive his career towards the other innovative challenges after leaving the organization.

Last year witnessed resignations of numerous prominent figures from their respective organizations due to the allegations raised for the sexual misconduct. Harvey Weinstein was also accused of sexual harassment by numerous women, which initiated the movement named #MeToo in the various social media handles.

Lasseter faced the accusation after an investigation was carried out by the Holly Reporter, a magazine. The magazine described the series of misconducts that were stated by the employees of Pixar/Disney. They revealed that he had always kissed, hugged, and passed unpleasant comments on the lady employees of the company. In response to the allegations, Lasseter had apologized for his misdeeds. He clearly stated that his intention was not as perceived and is deeply sorrowful for making the other ladies feel the way they did.

He had announced his departure from the company permanently on Friday after being on leave since November. He also expressed that this incident has given him an opportunity to explore his career and personal priorities.

Lasseter initiated his journey in Disney in 2006 after which it bought Pixar, a co-founded company by him. By the end of the year, he will be terminating all the ties with the company but for the time being, he will be connected with the company for offering a consulting role.

He has been the creative head behind the famous names like Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Frozen, Cars, A Bug’s Life, and others.

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