At His Bonnaroo Show, Eminem’s Fans Get Frightened By Gunshot Sound Effects


Criticism is been drawn by Eminem from festival-goers who were upset and terrified over the sound effects usage by the rapper that to some fans was perceived as gunshots during his captioning performance on June 9 (Saturday night) at Bonnaroo.

Several fans shouted and bowed as a sequence of loud blasts chimed through the mass during the performance of Eminem of “Kill You,” from The Marshall Mathers LP album dated back to 2000. The panicky reaction surfaces at an instance when concert-goers are on the rim following the fatal mass shooting at Route 91 country music festival of last year in Las Vegas.

However, a spokesperson for Eminem said in an email to Billboard that “in contradiction of imprecise statements, Eminem doesn’t utilize gunshot sound effects in his live concert. The effect utilized by Eminem in his Bonnaroo show was a pyrotechnic concussion that produces a loud boom. He has made use of this effect—similar to other several artists—for more than 10 Years in his live shows, comprising earlier US festival dates, with no criticism.”

Andrea Russett, a social media star, was one among the many presents at the Manchester, Tennessee, festival who was distressed by the thuds during Eminem’s set. She tweeted, “I disgust to be the one to stating it; however, being someone who experiences very mild PTSD, it was awfully distasteful and careless to finish songs with the shotgun sound effect. I’ve grown up adoring Eminem and his music, although I was tremendously elicited to the point of tears.”

Few fans came to the defense of Eminem stating, “Eminem has finished Kill You for at least 6 Years with the gunshot effects and this is the foremost instance someone ever complains.”

On the other hand, Drama students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School of Florida, where a mass shooter in February killed 17 individuals, took the stage to sing an evocative version of “Seasons of Love” at the 72nd Annual Tony Awards.

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