European Football Market Swells to £22 billion


The coffers of European Football clubs must be filled to the brim as Deloitte recently revealed that all football events on the continent have a combined value of £22 billion. The largest of these is the English Premier League with a net worth of £4.5 billion. The Spanish La Liga is a far second with little over half the revenue of its English counterpart. The season of 2016-17 marked the beginning of a new chapter in European football in terms of monetary gains and these have only increased since.

The change has been achieved through strict check on costs as well as broadcasting deals like never before, especially in the Premier League. The UEFA Fair Play Regulations prevent excessive expenditure which has led to all the clubs being profitable as opposed to a decade earlier when less than half were able to achieve that, the head of Deloitte’s sports business group said in a statement. Moreover, the revenues earned by EPL clubs have outgrown wages, something that has never happened before.

The broadcasting rights for the next two seasons did go for a lower than expected price but the league retained its popularity across the board and clubs will not be facing losses in the coming four years unless they are demoted. The international broadcasting rights are yet to be given away and once they are given, the combined revenue from television will have grown.

Apart from the Premier League, other leagues are also showing impressive and consistent growth. The La Liga saw a growth in broadcasting revenue as well as overall to a record value of £2.9 billion in 2016-17 going past Bundesliga in terms of revenue generated. The German League clubs experienced a growth of 15% themselves to £1.9 billion. The Italian Serie A also grew by 8%, courtesy of the acquisition of club Internazionale by Chinese retailer Suining two years ago. France’s league was languishing at the bottom of the table in Europe’s big 5.

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