Trump Stays Away From Joint Statement At G7, Calls Canada Dishonest


An amicable settlement is expected at the end of every summit or meeting. However, this was not the case with the G7 summit. A nasty disagreement marked the end of the summit, which was an annual association held in order to bring the 7 most powerful and industrialized nations together.

Previously, the summit was termed as G8 with 8 nations participating in it but was later termed as G7 with the suspension of Russia from the group from the due to the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. Trump had called for readmission of Russia but Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, strictly opposed the decision.

During the G7 summit, Trump had blamed Canada, the host, for not acting as needed in the meetings but of attacking America during a news conference.

The disagreements were primarily dominated by the trade and the tariffs. The tariffs imposed by the US over the aluminum and steel imports have created an immense hubbub in the entire world. However, the Canadian Prime Minister has also decided to impose a vengeful tariff from 1st July against the US. He also stated that the Canadians are rational and polite towards the numerous issues of the world but will not tolerate if they are pushed for no valid reason.

In response to the statement released by the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Trump clearly stated that the statements were false and Canada had imposed a huge tariff on the US companies, workers, and farmers. Along with it, Trump also stated that the version of the Canadian Prime Minister is highly dishonest. On the contrary, the office of Trudeau has cleared that the Prime Minister has not conveyed any ambiguous statement to the President of the US neither in public nor in private meetings.

This summit had clearly declared a thick line of difference between Trump and Trudeau, which was previously cordial despite the disagreements over the trade.

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