Photos Of Daughter Stormi Deleted By Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner, the star of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” has been always extremely shielding of Stormi Webster, her daughter. However, she took things to another level by taking out few of her latest posts on Sunday. That day, a bare-faced selfie was posted by Kylie, and the image gave a glimpse of the face and curly hair of Stormi. The photo was captioned as “I spy with my little eye….”

One of the followers of Kylie remarked that she sliced her own daughter from the image, and she verified: “Yeah I cut my baby out. I am not sharing images of my daughter at the moment.” As per the Us Weekly, she then removed few of her old posts displaying face of Stormi. The only ones remaining are those that displayed the side or back side profile of the toddler.

To recollect, Kylie kept facts about her pregnancy journey very confidential. The reality star—one that is doting of sharing on social media clips of her life—all of a sudden became quiet.

After giving birth to a baby girl, Kylie made an apology to her admirers for not keeping them updated. “I understand you are used to me getting you along on all my trips. My pregnancy was one I opted not to do in front of the world,” as mentioned by her in an Instagram post.

“I knew for myself I required getting ready for this responsibility of a lifetime in the stress-free, most positive, and healthy manner I knew how. I recognized my baby would sense every emotion and stress, so I opted to do it in this manner for our happiness and my little life.”

While fans of Kylie are enthusiastic to glimpse more of Stormi, the public appearances of the baby may be very restricted as her mom wishes to give her an ordinary life.

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