The Expanse’s Fans Might Have Infuriated Amazon Into Getting The Back Show


Within hours of calling off “The Expanse” by Syfy, diehard admirers of the space opera thronged the Internet to produce as much clamor as they perhaps could regarding why the show required to be lifted up by some other network. Much to the delight of the fans, Amazon was hearing.

It has become progressively more ordinary for networks to plunge in and release shows after the verbal uproar from fervent fan community get to a particular fever pitch. In reply to the cancellation of The Expanse, petitions were signed by fans and chipped in to hire a plane with a message appealing with Amazon to get the show back.

As per Jennifer Salke, the Amazon Studios CEO, while the production firm had already been taking into consideration whether to trail The Expanse internally, the love of the fan community for the show certainly played a part in determining how things churned out.

Salke, in a dialogue with Deadline, elucidated that although she was not acquainted with the show, it was not possible to overlook how strongly the community felt about it. She said, “There were planes gyrating us, I was having cakes conveyed, there was an entire thing taking place. And then actually smart individuals, whose outlooks I actually value, artistically began reaching out to me, stating, ‘have you watched this The Expanse show, it is really good.’ I had not, thus I took some time, I saw the show and was like, this is really done well, why is no one seeing it?

Simultaneously, Jeff Bezos was receiving emails from all—from George R.R. Martin to each industry captain, such as the Craigslist’s founder— and they’re all stating, there is this show, it is so good, you’ve to watch it, you’ve to save it or purchase it.”

Likewise, Cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine was also recently picked up—after Fox canceled it—by the NBC.

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