Court Warns Angelina Jolie, States She Must Permit Kids To See Brad Pitt


As per a recent report, if Angelina Jolie does not begin pushing her kids to build relationships with Brad Pitt, her ex, she can be in threat of losing custody. As per The Blast—the earliest to report the court’s new order—a judge in the divorce case of Pitt and Jolie has concluded that their 6 kids’ lack of “connection with their father is damaging to them,” and states “it is vital that all of them have a strong and healthy relationship with their mother and father.”

Further, the judge commanded Jolie to place a phone call with the children and their doctors to clarify to the kids that “the court has decided that all of them are secure with their father.” Brad was cleared of accusations of child abuse in November 2016 by and the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services and the FBI.

Particular dates and hours have been laid out by the court that Jolie must make her kids available to Brad this summer: In Los Angeles as well as in London. There is an exemption: the court is permitting Maddox, 16, their eldest, to make a decision how much time he wishes to spend with Brad.

Also, Jolie must give Pitt the phone number of every kid and let him make a call at will, as per the reports. However, she is not permitted to check their texts. Court papers present an ominous admonition if Jolie doesn’t conform.

The documents state, “If the minor kids stay closed down to their father and based on the situations surrounding this state, it might cause a decrease in the time they spend with their mother and might cause the Court regulating primary physical custody to their father.”

The divorce was filed by Jolie in September 2016, asserting the parting was “for the family’s health.”

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