Lobe to Simplify Machine Learning Application without Coding


Artificial Intelligence is making a huge impact on the people. But how to use it?

Just use Lobe.

Making it easy for users is the achievement that Lobe has made. Using clean drop-and-drag interface, any user can handle it. It does not require any coding work.

Lobe has been co-founded by Mike Matas, Lobe is not designed by professionals with complicated software nor is it for those who are well-versed in deep learning. Instead, it allows any amateurs to use it. Deep learning becomes easier and does not require any training with Lobe.

Using Lobe is very easy. For any algorithm requirement, you can easily build a deep learning algorithm to recognize scrabble pieces. Easy applications in machine learning can be used. The neural network makes the remaining part of the learning.

You just have to load Lobe.ai into your browser, and sign into your Google account. For now, Lobe has started with a few templates where predefined labels can be matched with the images. Lobe intents to create more architecture on a neural network to help users make use of it without any difficulty.

Boxes are provided for the neural network to appear. Nodes are available to look into the content while processing of data is made easier. The final model can be transferred to other platforms like TensorFlow and CoreML.

Matas, who has had experience working with Apple, has the required exposure in UI work. He then worked at Nest and then with Facebook.

Matas also understands that there are various aspects on which Lobe must be further worked upon.

Critics, however, feel that it is not built upon good algorithm but is helpful only to amateurs in machine learning, and may not withstand for long.

However, the vision of Matas that Lobe should be a tool, which allows people to build AI applications, has come true.

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