Disney Releases Seizure Warning For Viewers With Epilepsy Regarding “Incredibles 2”


In an unmatched step, Disney has released a cautionary note to watchers regarding its new Incredibles movie. The animated Disney chartbuster, Incredibles 2, which starts where the first part of the film ended 14 years ago, presents a scene with the villain Screenslaver that displays bright flashing lights.

After its opening on Friday, social media posts by few theatergoers stated that the superhero cartoon can set off seizures in individuals with migraines, chronic illness, or epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation even released a statement regarding concerns that individuals with epilepsy could experience a seizure during the film.

The statement said, “(We) are glad about the attempts few theaters have already made to place cautionary signals for individuals waiting to watch the film.” Also, Walt Disney Pictures conveyed an advisory to theaters presenting Incredibles 2, soliciting them to flag consumers to the scene.

The note—that has been posted on social media as well—states, “Incredibles 2 entails a scene of flashing lights that might affect consumers who are vulnerable to photosensitive epilepsy or any other photosensitivities.”

Mencia’s theater has told the personnel regarding the note and posted the cautionary note adjacent to the guest greeter who tears the tickets. As per the Epilepsy Foundation, “for around 3% of individuals with epilepsy, contact with flashing lights at specific intensities, or specific visual patterns, could set off seizures. This state is called as photosensitive epilepsy and is more ordinary in adolescents and children, particularly those with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy and generalized epilepsy.”

Jackie Aker, media relations director for the Epilepsy Foundation, states her association had never before contacted for a movie to present a photosensitivity note but asked Apple earlier this year to modify a promotional speck for the new iPad that had blinking lights that would be perilous for particular spectators. Apple functioned with the foundation to modify the video.

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