Jose Mourinho Incensed With Premier League Fixture, Which Seems To Be Favorable To Liverpool


Jose Mourinho is annoyed with the schedules of Premier League that gave Liverpool a series of favorable schedules than Manchester United after the Champions League games, as per reports.

The Merseysiders, Liverpool will play all their Premier League games right in their six UEFA Champions League group games at home, while the other rivals Man City, United, and Tottenham have a three matches away and three at homes. The Manager of Tottenham, Mauricio Pochettino and Pep Guardiola, Manager of Man City are not worried about the situation. The Times reports that Mourinho is annoyed with the Premier League and its decision-making process.

He does not believe that inequality is fair, and he intends to address this issue during the season as he has regularly complained about planning over the past few seasons. Liverpool plays against Southampton, Manchester City, Cardiff, Fulham, Everton, and ironically, Manchester United at home in the domestic games that go straight to the Champions League.

The transfer clause in contrast to the first three United games in the Champions League follows each home game in the Premier League against Wolves, Newcastle, and Everton. However, the next three will travel through United for Etihad to take Man City, St. Mary’s Champion against Southampton and Anfield against Liverpool.

Manchester United can at least start the new Premier League season when Leicester City visits Old Trafford on 11 August, before heading to Brighton for another home game against the Spurs. Mourinho, who has completed two signing sessions this summer, is currently in Moscow for the World Cup and serves as a specialist for the Russian channel RT.

Talking about the transfers Mourinho is in plans for the team back up with the Willian, 29, right from the day he has arrived at Old Trafford. The player has been constantly linked with the transfer from Chelsea to United.

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