New Flu Vaccine Only A Little Better Than Traditional Shot


The newly introduced flu vaccine was tested and results showed only a minimal betterment over the traditional shots. The flu vaccines hardly showed any positive effects on the people aged 65 or plus by showing roughly 24% of effectiveness. Flucelvax was the best performing flu vaccine and yet showed the result of only 26.5% in that age group. People were hopeful about the newly introduced vaccine but apparently, their expectations were not fully met.

Brendan Flannery, who is the flu expert at the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, said that these incremental improvements were important but the problem was still unresolved as there was still a need of better vaccine. The government was given recommendations on improvement of the vaccine by the Food and Drugs Administration by presenting their findings at Atlanta. Majority of the flu shots are made by the chickens’ eggs in the USA. Flucelvax, on the other hand, is made by growing viruses in animal cells. The US had its worst flu season in the decade, caused by a noxious flu bug which is responsible for more hospitalizations and deaths, mostly among the senior citizens. Researchers have come to the conclusion that egg-made vaccine do not give the results against all the flu bugs, but growing vaccines in the cells can provide a better combination.

The FDA study looked at more than 13 Million Medicare beneficiaries, and what kind of the shots they have got and if they came down with a flu that could put them in the hospital. There was a possibility that the results could have been miscalculated the effectiveness of the vaccine, if other bugs were responsible, as the diagnoses were not affirmed by the lab.

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