Finally, Obama Reacts on Family Separation Policy


Barack Obama, former U.S. President, reacted to the decision of Trump administration to part children and parents who crossed the southern border. He responded shortly before Trump’s announcement stating he will be signing firm order to end this practice for now.

Recently, the earlier policy of Trump Administration was heavily criticized with images and audios showing the children separated from their parents. Obama stated in a Facebook post that the Americans should imagine if they were born in a country where they grew up with a fear in their minds for the survival of their own lives.

And ultimately, this fear carried forward to the lives of their children. Further, he asserted to imagine a place where people finally find themselves so desperate to escape from the discrimination, violence, and suffering that they would want to travel thousands of miles of distance under darkness that will endure them in a dangerous condition. And hence they are motivated forward by the very natural desire to create a safe and better life for their kids.

Obama also retweeted to Michelle Obama, his wife, former first lady of the U.S. She had conveyed her solidarity with all other living former first ladies to slam the parting of families. She had tweeted that sometimes the reality rise above party.

Recently, the researchers from the University of California-Riverside announced that they have discovered a new creature. It is named after Obama because of his famous love and passion for science.

These creatures are very small and disc-shaped. They are about one-half inch long. These creatures with the spiral grooves spend most of their life underwater. USA Today asserted that these creatures very rarely move from their spot in the sea. The scientists have named these creatures as “Obamus coronatus”. The meaning of the word coronatus is crowned.

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