Facebook To Inform Users Of Their Temporal Usage Of The Website


The social networking service giant Facebook, which was co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, has grown so much in the past years that more than roughly 1.45 billion people use it daily. A recent addition to the large number of features provided by Facebook is the ‘Your time on Facebook’ feature. Facebook is currently working on this feature which will be released soon and the main motto of this move is to encourage meaningful interactions on the website, as most of the content that is shared by the people on the website is of no importance whatsoever to anybody.

This new feature will let people know about the amount of time they’ve spent on the website. The users will be informed about the time they have spent on the website in the past seven days, and the daily usage will also be displayed. Not only will the usage be shown to the users, but there would be a section where people would be able to set daily limits. The users will be notified once the limit is reached, by Facebook.

It is quite paradoxical that Facebook has launched this feature as the company would want the users to use the service as much as possible. But Facebook has had a history of unusual experiments and this time it is no different. There is no guarantee that this will certainly be made available to the users, but if it does, it would definitely be for the better.

Just like Facebook, Instagram too, which is now owned by the former, is working on a similar feature where people would be informed about the time they spend scrolling on the social media app.

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