Sony to screen VR movies in Tokyo


Sony Corps.’ biproduct brand, VAIO Corps,  is about to start VR movies in theaters from 2nd of July, in Tokyo. The main intention of VAIO is to expand the virtual reality market by coupling the realistic video experience with powerful audio system of a theater.

If Japan succeeds to make these things happen, the Japan will experience a whole new VR experience as it was never seen in the movies as it was seen in the amusement parks and console games only. VR technology needs special kind of goggles to take the experience, and lets the viewer see the image in three dimensions and makes them feel that they are a part of the movie. Vaio plans to show a short film to its viewers and have collaboration with TOEI Company Limited to make and show the movie. They are also planning to show the japanese anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Osomatsu Kun”. This will cost the viewers 1500 Yen which converts to 13.7 USD. The motive behind taking this initiative is to boost up the value of going to a theater.

Sony, always in the search on innovation and creativity, have always been known for delivering the best and quality services and an amazing experience to its users. This mission for developing and delivering VR to its viewers will definitely prove a success, accounting to their ability of making quality video and audio devices and systems.

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