Software AG Buys Belgian IoT At A Bargaining Price


German technology company Software AG for long time had been focusing on IoT technologies, bringing up new technology advancements, innovations and recently had bought the Belgian IoT.

Bernd Gross, senior VP of IoT & cloud division at Software AG, is responsible for the new developments in the company. The company initially partnered with Cumulocity in March 2017 and then in the following year acquired the company in March 2018. Gross also heads the Cumulocity division.

The reason behind Cumulocity acquisitions was that they have the capability to make the developers build a service which is essential for the IoT products to enable in the services to their customers. Since Software AG is in a rudimentary stage as they have faced failure for more than 50% projects of IoT, and hence the company is taking and implementing all measures to make its grounds in the IoT markets, i.e., making acquisition of Belgian IoT.

Earlier this month, Software AG also acquired Belgian TrendMiner NV, which is a visual data analytics company. Mostly, it has applications in the process and manufacturing industry. In the coming time, Software AG is likely to integrate the technology of TrendMiner over the Cumulocity IoT platform in the industry.

TrendMiner can be useful in finding trends and uses all the available tools such as time series IoT data and delivers the finding in the most suitable and easy-to-understand format. The CEO of Software AG mentioned in his statements that TrendMiner has a strategic importance for their IoT platform and the company is in the phase of making a dynamic tool for market development with the help of IoT applications. With the help of TrendMiner, the company can provide visually appealing analysis of the patterns and trends of the market. TrendMiner also helps in bringing out the production and operational anomalies and gives proper solutions for the process correction and adjustments.

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