Icing On The Victory-Cake For The Yankees


Other than the victory in the game against the Philadelphia Phillies, where the New York Yankees defeated them by 6-0, it seems that the New York Yankees have yet other reasons to celebrate and rejoice. For the New York Yankees, this was the second consecutive victory against them for the team and that was even more special because the team had lost three games in a row. The win itself was really extraordinary indeed and there were some incidences in the game that were played between the teams on Tuesday, which made it even better and created a stream of laughter.

One such incidence was the solo homer by one of the players of the Yankees, SS Didi Gregorious. At the time of the home run by the man, Yankees were already ahead with a huge margin but that was an ideal hit to extend the lead and conceal the victory in the game.

In addition to that, another player from the team, Luis Severino, played remarkably to overpower the win against the Phillies. The man threw 12 pitches that were thrown at a speed of 100mph, which tied at the career best for the man.

All these incidences were really uplifting for the team and the team will now hope to hold on to the first spot in the American League East.

In other news, Lake Travis is dominating the baseball selections as far as district level is concerned. It has already received the district 25-6A title in district baseball. Blake Hilton, who is a senior from the newly released all-district team, got the pitcher of the year award. Another baseball star, 22-year young man from Lake Travis, Brett Baty who is the American-statesman’s Player of the year, received the Most Valuable Player Award from the district.

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