US Lawmakers Citizens Huawei’s Tie-Up With Colleges


An official of Huawei has stated two US congressmen criticizing the firm’s connections with universities in the U.S. of being ill-informed and close-minded. Speaking in Shanghai, Huawei’s rotating chairman, Eric Xu, claimed related to Marco Rubio, a Florida senator, and Jim Banks, an Indianan representative: “It appears that their organizations are in the data age but their souls are still in the old age.”

The Shenzhen-located tech firm has come below assault for its connections to universities all over the world. Previous week, 28 congress members, spearheaded by Mr Rubio and Mr Banks, wrote to Betsy DeVos, the U.S. education secretary, condemning the connections. They stated that the supposed Huawei Innovation Research Program might cause a noteworthy danger to national security and demanded for DeVos’ oversight and attention. The letter also described the partnerships with other universities as China’s toolkit for overseas tech acquirement.

On a similar note, Huawei anticipates registering more than 100% development in business of mobile devices in India, a top administrator of the firm claimed to the media this week in an interview. “We anticipate achieving more than 100% growth this year in user business. India is a big market. Such type of huge market has branched out users. In various channel users are requesting for various things. We are making attempt to make them happy,” Peter Zhai, Consumer Business Group of Huawei India, claimed to the media in an interview.

“We have turned out to be 2nd largest brand all over the world over years with spending in technology, product, and experience. We do not need to burn money or rush or put cheap cost for our goods just to gain name. We are aiming to spread our trade via users’ word of mouth. Development in India will take time but we will go behind correct policy,” Zhai claimed further.

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