Najib’s Government Obstructing The 1MDB Investigation: Facts Revealed


The government of Najib Razak, former prime minister of Malaysia invested years systematically in hindering the investigation of the 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) state fund looting, as well as cruelly suppressing the critics, as per the information source from former and existing government officials.

They stated that the interference of the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) in the probe leads to the shutting of the inquiries related to a scandal at the local level of 1MDB even the 5 other nations which include, Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, were doing their own investigation.

Najib, who went out of power in last month after elections, has consistently repudiated any kind of wrongdoing in the matter of SRC and 1MDB. An existing aide of Najib denied responding to any kind of accusation of interfering in the investigation.

However, Reuter’s interview which was done with many former and existing government officials shows that the interference in the investigation occurred on every step.

During an interview with Reuter last month, Najib told, he need not be accused of any sort of issue for the fund and said he was aware that why and how the millions of dollars from 1MDB has appeared in his bank account.

After the defeat of Najib is the last election, Mohn Shukri Abdul, the recently appointed MACC head, recollected how his probe in the case of 1MDB has been stopped in 2015.

A source acts as a senior government official said that the MOFs’ civil servants, the department which was also managed under Najib, were asked to hide the 1MDB matter. The person said, “Decision was finalized at Prime Minister’s office, and MOF has to look out for a way to cover it and also look out for the way to compensate it.”

As said by a MACC official, “We are not aware of from where the obstruction was coming; it was actually from all the sides.”

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