Apple Encountering Likely Prohibition On Some iPhones


The staff of the U.S. ITC (International Trade Commission) has suggested that a trade judge found that Apple violated at least one of patents by Qualcomm Inc. This is move that might result in blocking the import of few iPhones.

The San Diego chip manufacturer filed a complaint in opposition to Apple almost a year back, requesting the commission to forbid the import of handsets having Intel Corp’s (the rival chipmaker) so-called modem processors, which assist mobile handsets link to wireless data networks.

At a testimony in Washington that began last week, the ITC staff claimed that Apple breached one of patents by Qualcomm for battery-saving tech.

The ITC staff plays a role of a 3rd party in such situations. The opinions of staff lawyers are not obligatory, but judges normally obey them.

In an earlier filings in the case, Apple has quarreled that patents by Qualcomm are unacceptable and that the judge must not forbid Intel-supported iPhones since it will offer Qualcomm a monopoly on modems in the U.S and drive Intel out of the business.

“Qualcomm is selectively announcing its patents to aim only Apple goods having Intel processors. This comes although its patent violation blames will apply uniformly to Apple goods containing Qualcomm processors. Qualcomm plays this move in an effort to employ the ITC as another approach for enabling its ill-received monopoly position,” Apple claimed.

The ITC case is the 1st case to go to court out of over a dozen lawful fights between Qualcomm and Apple over licensing practices, patents, and contracts between the two. A conclusion is anticipated by January next year.

On a related note, Apple appointed a senior self-driving car engineer from Alphabet Inc’s Waymo unit. This news was given by Apple itself in an interview to the media this week. This is an indication that the iPhone manufacturer has dreams for autonomous vehicle.

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