Walmart and Target on Right Track to Survive Competition from Amazon


Retail Stores, Walmart and Target are taking the right steps to capture a wider market in the near future.

Tuesday saw an announcement from Walmart, claiming that a fulfillment center will be opened in the Bronx. The center is to be opened by, an online subsidiary by Walmart. The same-day delivery in the grocery is a new strategy by Walmart, to function at New York.

O’Leary has claimed that Walmart and Target will be able to compete against Amazon, with their new strategies.

He states that retail chains will be able to outperform Amazon. The Canadian businessman is an investor and a prominent figure in “Shark Tank”, an investment TV show.

The next decade is seeing competition among the big boxes which includes Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Of these, O’Leary says that Walmart and Target will be able to survive through the next ten years. The efforts that are taken by them in hiring their teams, and the logistics put in the right place, will help them stay in the competition.

Walmart has shown great interest in the grocery business recently. It has also announced an expansion in online delivery service in the grocery. With a target of servicing 800 stores, by the end of the year, Walmart has made great investments towards expanding its grocery business.

Covering metropolitan areas and delivering goods on an hourly basis through timely distribution are some important means of expansion that Walmart is introducing, to keep up with the competition.

Target is taking new measures in updating its stores and has been investing billions to keep up with the growing pace of other retailers. It has bought a delivery business named Shipt to keep up with online dealings.

Amazon has been doing good online business and retail chains are finding it tough to stand against such competition. Only a few retail stores are able to stand this stiff completion, says O’Leary’s.

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