Model 3 Sedan Available In North America And Canada Without Reservation


Model 3 car from Tesla can be purchased without a reservation.

If you require a Model 3, you just visit the Tesla website and start the purchase process. The car with the T sign can be purchased by customers in the United States and Canada.

Earlier, Electrek reports that customers had to give an introductory payment of $1,000 to get to the design studio. Now, you do not have to reserve your order. You can just open the ordering system and get through to the buying process

The sedan from Tesla starts at $49,000. The promised $35,000 model is yet to arrive in the market. It may take another 6 to 9 months is the information provided by the company’s website.

420,000 models that were reserved earlier come in three variants. Till date, the company has delivered 28,386 models 3 sedans. Even now, reservations made are given preference over other buyers. Regular orders are now being taken in for the Model 3 cars.

The cars come in rates of $49,000 with a rear-wheel drive, $53,000 all-wheel drive and dual motor, and $64,000 performance version.

It’s been a year and the owners are yet to get their electric sedan at the affordable rates promised earlier.

The company had been working to reach its own targets and goals regarding the production and delivery of the finished car. With production stepping up, the final product is handed over, but the wait still continues for some.

It’s taken Tesla ages to reach its target of 5,000 Model 3 cars to be produced per week. The production process for Tesla has been very challenging as the production target is very high.  But it has happened. The target has been achieved.

Once this target has been achieved, Tesla feels that meeting consumer demand for the cars will not be an issue.

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