NBA Watches Bid Between Comcast and Disney from Sidelines


Comcast Corp and Walt Disney fight for Twenty-first Century Fox Inc.

Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner says that whatever the outcome, it would be beneficial for him. Silver is National Basketball Association Head.

Comcast tried to outbid Disney with a cash bid of $65 billion. Disney now raises its bid to $71 billion, to be paid in stock and cash, so that the acquisition may not slip its grasp.

However, in the bid between Disney and Comcast, Silver has hinted that he prefers Disney as they support NBA league games. Silver says that he is a big fan of Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney too.

He adds that Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast is also a great executive, whom he holds in high esteem. The regional sports network of the cable company telecasts the basketball games, as well.  Comcast is striving hard for the deal, as it has many customers of around 23 million from five European countries.

Disney had initially made a bid of $52.4 billion in December, but it later raised the bid offer, on a competitive bid from Comcast. It is expected that Fox will prefer the best offer, as the deal has not been closed yet. Robert Murdoch, the Chief Executive will be closing the deal soon, to clinch the best offer.

Live sports are still a preferred choice by viewers, and it generates much revenue through advertisements for long periods. Silvers contract has been extended by NBA till 2023-24 sessions, as his leadership has made the sports league more influential. New revenues have been incorporated through advertisements on players’ jerseys.

Tech companies like Amazon’s interest in sports is a positive sign, as they help to provide a better watching experience through devices such as tablets and Smartphone.

Live sports would always remain in competition between technology companies, broadcasters, and cable operators, but pricing power would also have to be considered.

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