The Most Costly Chinese Film Taken Down From Theaters After Flopping Horribly At The Box Office


Producers have taken down the Chinese fantasy-epic film “Asura,” which took almost $100 Million to produce. This was done after the film earned just $7 Million in its introductory weekend. But it might not be the last time for the people of China to see the movie.

Alibaba Pictures, together with the investors Ningxia Film Group and Zhenjian Film Studio, made a decision to pull off the film, the most costly movie ever made in China. This comes after it failed over the weekend. As per The Hollywood Reporter, the social-media accounts of the movie declared the decision on Sunday but offered no additional data.

But as per The Hollywood Reporter, a representative of Zhenjian Film Studio claimed to Sina (the Chinese news outlet): “This move was made not only because of the poor performance at the box office. We strategize to make some modifications to the movie and introduce it again.”

It is extraordinary for a film to come to screens only to be removed, modified, and presented again, and we will see if “Asura” really gets one more chance. The film was supposed to roll out a new hit franchise for the country, but now its makers are claiming that it was damaged by online trolls.

US hit films such as “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” have faced sabotage from Rotten Tomatoes, and “Asura” makers claim that something analogous occurred on China’s top mobile-ticketing applications, as per The Hollywood Reporter. But other reasons might have had a role. A Chinese research company, Fankink, claimed that the film might have been poorly promoted.

Speaking of the film, the movie features Hong Kong movie actors Tony Leung Ka-fai and Carina Lau Ka-ling along with 19-year-old Wu Lei. Lei is the teenage heartthrob of China. He plays the main role in the movie, which is a fantasy epic founded on Buddhist myths.

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