The Janitors Working In Downtown Detroit Are Prepared For Strike


The janitors who are working for the Detroit’s famous buildings announced on Monday that they will protest if they are not provided with a next contract by this coming week. The 1700+ members working for SIEU in the US and Canada are looking for $15/hour wage with a contract of three years.

Pamela, a board member of Union said in a rally at Detroit that the workers should be compensated fairly for their efforts and hard work. They are the ones who are responsible for the revitalization of the downtown.

The contract negotiation has started in June. The union members has warned them to negotiate and think about the wants of the workers until the present contract ends by July 31st. Otherwise, they will go for a strike by this week, said the members. Nicholas, a union spokesperson said that the workers are employed by 3 major companies namely, PBS/PBM, GDI Omni and ABM services. Some of the workers even earn less than $9.45 per day, the union executives said. Nearly, 75 employees and other elected officials were gathered for a rally wearing purple T-shirts. The councilwoman of Detroit appreciated the hard work of those employees. She also said that the employees deserve to have a fair wage to sustain in their neighborhood.

Tamara Chappel, a member working for a Compuware building said she cleans more than forty thousand square feet area daily. She also said that the people are unaware of the hard work contributed by those janitors. The money offered to employees is insufficient as they work for a billion dollar empire. She says, the city is developing faster, but her family isn’t getting any benefits.

Octavia Renfroe, another member said, “Janitors may also have some future plans. But due to such lower wages, we cannot make our dreams come into reality”.

The negotiations of contract are further scheduled after two days.


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