In U.S., More Than 460 Parents Have Been Separated From Their Children


The US administration said that many children have been separated from their parents at the border located in the southern part of US. The government officials have recently send an update to the District judge named Dana Sabraw in order to reunite maximum number of those families.  About 463 cases have been listed in a report that are still under review. The officials are trying to find why those people had left their country without taking their children with them. But the US administration held by Donald Trump said that they have deported about 19 parents who were migrants without their kids.

As a result of zero tolerance policy of US Administration, about 2500 children were kept away from their parents who were living illegally in the US. Many of those children were held in detention centers even after a signed order was given by president to stop those separations. The judge has ordered the administration to reunite those affected families by giving a deadline of July 10 whose children are below the five years age and a deadline of July 26 whose children are above the age of five years. Also, the judge declared a temporary stoppage to the ongoing deportations of those reunited families.

The US officials declared on Monday that about 879 parents have been already reunited with their children so far and twice of those were reunited till last Friday. Also, the remaining kids are awaited for transportation and are expected to be completed in few days. But this number can be much greater than what is expected currently.

Stephen Kang says “It can create a big problem for us if the number gets much larger as suggested by the reports than what it is expected. Many questions regarding this are yet to be answered.” On Tuesday, a further hearing of this case is scheduled which will provide more details regarding those 463 parents who are no longer living in the US.

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