Drug Program Of Walmart Proves Cheaper For Medicare Patients


Drug program by Walmart featuring generic prescription in just $4 ended up proving it to be more cheaper than that of personal health insurances of a couple of Medicare patients. According to the survey carried out of Dr. Ross who works at ‘Yale School of Medicine’, this is an another evidence of the fact that the patients cannot depend upon the health insurances for getting cheaper prices of their drugs. Dr. Ross said that patients spent more from their pocket while claiming the insurances than the amount which they spent at the drug program by Walmart.

The report published in ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ claims that the drug program by Walmart offers a much reasonable deal to the senior citizens than the insurance plans by the government which isn’t a good thing for Medicare as the patients hesitate in opting it because of various other reasons along with the costs. He also affirmed that everyone in today’s world is worried about the Pharmacy costs and they carried out the study about this in parts owing to the ‘Pharmacy Gag rules’.

Those rules prohibit the pharmacists from advising the patients about the saving of money spend on drugs by avoiding the usage of Health insurance. Some of the drug companies also have the agreements that forbid the discussions about the discounts. In many of the states, the pharmacists have been banned from conveying the information about such discounts to the customers. The study of more than 2,000 plans of Medicare which also included the Advantage Plans revealed that 21% plans led to the shelling out more money from the customers for the purchase of the drugs which they would get for just $4 from the Walmart. Surprisingly, the Advantage Plans by Medicare proved to be most expensive.

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