Men Can Also Get Emotional After Sex, Suggests A Research


A new Australian study suggests that even men have PCD (Post-coital Dysphoria) which can lead to temporary anxiety, sadness, and irritation after sex. The research was carried out by Queensland University of Technology, which surveyed 1,208 men from various countries which included USA, Australia, the UK, Russia, Germany and New Zealand. The report showed that 41% of these people had suffered from PCD at some point of their life, while 20% of these people had experienced the PCD in the previous month. 3 to 4% of these people claimed that they experience PCD on regular basis.

The people who were part of this test had various ranges of feelings. Some of these people did not want to be touched and preferred being left alone. On the other hand, there were people who felt unsatisfied and annoyed post-coitus and hence preferred to leave to distract themselves from their experience. There were also some people who felt emotionless and emptiness inside. In contrast to those, some people felt satisfied and felt more closeness to their sexual partner. There have been no previous studies showing the PCD condition among men, although, this condition has been recognized among women. One of the co-author of the study, Professor Robert Schweitzer said the study has proved that sexual experience of men can be more complex than it was thought to be earlier.

The PCD proportion among females is seen to be same as that of males, when it comes to having PCD on regular basis. It has been established that people who give importance to bonding and intimacy, that is, they involve in cuddling, talking or sharing following the sex, then the level of satisfaction among these people, sexual as well as relationship, is quite high.

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