The US Needs To Learn From California In Terms Of Maternal Death Rate


A recent study conducted reveals that the USA is the worst country to give childbirth among the developed countries. The investigation which was conducted in the span of four years reveals that the USA has witnessed the highest rate of life-threatening complications to the women as well as to the child born during the delivery amongst the record compared to the developed nations. Nevertheless, the stats for most of the countries have improved year on year with the advancement of the medical fields and technology, in spite of this, the stats for the USA has not improved instead went down.

Studies have shown that the women in the United States are three times more likely to die during childbirth compared to the Canadian women, and six times more likely than to Scandinavian women. But despite this national startling rate of maternal death rate, one of the states of the US i.e. California is taking charge to change the rate of the maternal rate during the childbirth. According to the stats, California state has almost cut its rate to half as compared to the national rate. This could have a serious impact on the nations as every eight infants born in the United States are from California.

The medical community of the state California had a mission to find out what is reason behind such a drastic number of casualties during the childbirth and did a thorough investigation to come to the root cause of the problem which was that after the 1970s the focus of childbirth shift towards babies than to mother because of the new trend in the medical advancement towards ultrasound, being able to take care of fetus, and stick needles in the amniotic cavity. And came to the conclusion that American Medical System prioritizes infant survival more than the maternal care and approaches that way where childbirth is assumed to be fine for the women giving birth.

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