Stranger Things Is Schedule To Broadcast In 2019 With More Surprises


Netflix has made an announcement that the viewers have to wait for Stranger Things Season 3, as it is not going to go on air this year. They said, “The wait is worthy.”

Cindy Holland, Programming boss, Netflix, said, during an event of Television Critics Association that the much-awaited sci-fi series won’t make it to Netflix until next year. The authority said, “The wait is worth.”

As per EW, Holland said, “The show is a handcrafted one.” Shawn Levy and The Duffer Brothers understand very well that the stakes are high and the audience is looking forward a step ahead from its last season. The creators want to offer something better as well as bigger than its earlier seasons. They are doing everything to make the season a fantastic one.

Holland further said that the upcoming season has more special effects compared to the last two seasons. This is one of the reasons for delaying the broadcasting of the new season of Stranger Things. Holland explained, “It is really going to an exciting season, but needs a little more time, to hit the screen.”

Shawn Levy, the producer, recently shared that the upcoming season will showcase the summer of 1985, following the earlier seasons which were set in 1983 and 1984 respectively. The next season will be accompanied by 2 new actors, which are Jake Busey and Carey Elwes.

In which, Busey will play the part of Bruce, who is portraying a character of the corrupt and sexist journalist, and Elwes to play the part of Mayor Kline, an unethical and self-serving political leader.

The story of Season 3 is anticipated to shift its focus from Will. Levy earlier said, “We are giving a break to Will. We have no intention to make Will go through hell for consecutively 3 seasons in a row.

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