YouTube Is Rolling Out Its Dark Theme For Android Users After iOS


We have been experiencing a lot of addition of new features and upgrade in the existing app of the YouTube that is designed to make the experience a lot much better for the users and to make the application more efficient and effective.

Yet another upgrade from the Google for the YouTube users; this time the search engine giant is providing the capability to the users to watch videos during night time without giving any strain on their eyes.

YouTube has come up again with a great feature of “Dark theme” for its Android users, however, it was already provided to its iOS users in March. But better late than never, the dark theme is here. YouTube, the online video streaming giant has begun providing the option to at least few of the devices powered by Google.

If you are the one who has it on its phone, you can find the newly introduced theme under the General Section of your setting. No one is sure that how soon the feature will roll out on a global level and covers all devices, but it is sure that Google will take some more days to make it accessible. Do not get unhappy if you have the similar white backdrop for a little bit long time.

As on the web and iOS devices, this changes the primary interface background into a dark-gray color with white text on top of it. It is generally helpful in saving the stress on your eyes at the time of late night videos.

For this reason, it is also helpful if you have access to growing number of top-end Android devices on the market, and in case you are disturbed by the missing screen chunks, the experience will going to be a lot less noticeable when you are browsing the videos on YouTube.

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