Munich Engg Students Win Hyperloop Development Competition


The winner’s trophy of the Hyperloop development competition was bagged by the Munich engineering students, which targeted to promote a futuristic transport system. The idea of the competition was to fine-tune the technologies that supported a fast-paced transport system. Basically, the Hyperloop transportation deal with traveling in pods through sealed tunnels at a very high speed. The winning team’s pod reached the top speed of 290 mph or 457 km/hr, which was tested on a 1.2 km long test track.

The competition was supported by the SpaceX aerospace company, which is run by Elon Musk. This was won by a team from the Technical University of Munich, 3rd time in a row.

The competition presented an idea of designing a Hyperloop transport system that will promote traveling of the pods at a jet lightning speed by reducing the friction presented by air. This competition was held in California and was attended by numerous teams from various universities across the World.

Elon Musk proposed this project in 2012. After the successful accomplishment of the same, the critics have raised a concern that stated the cost involved in the construction of the sealed tunnels, which will present the most relevant track for these pods to travel.

The last phase of the competition was tough where the most competent teams presented their pods that had the capability to acquire huge distances in a short span of time. The Munich team, Warr Hyperloop defeated the other contestants, who were Delft University and EPF Loop, Switzerland. Their pods ran at a speed of 88 mph and 55 mph respectively. The Pod designed by the Munich team of engineers defeated its previous record of 323 km/hr, which was set in September, the previous year.

Elon Musk is highly excited to announce the winners and also stated that this opportunity has created the most efficient mode of transport.

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