Facebook To Hold Singing Competitions For The Users For Some Reason


Facebook never holds back from astounding the users by launching innovative features and functionalities at every point of time. The company does strive hard in order to make the social media website better and better for the large number of people that are already there while the count rises by a significant margin every day. This time, the social media giant is working on a feature which is a kind of online talent show that would have the users record the songs in their own voice which they can submit to Facebook later.

The users can choose one of the popular songs from the interface that is being created on the website and later can sing the same song in their own voice. Facebook would act as a critic when the song is submitted to it. The users can compete among other talented users without having to go anywhere else. This is indeed a great opportunity for a lot of people out there who do not get a platform to show their potential.

Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher at Facebook took to Twitter to announce the news and also said that the feature would be locked to the Facebook pages and that the page administrators can initiate the talent show among the users. This also sheds light on Facebook signing the music licensing deal with a company named Warner, along with the already existing deals with Sony and Universal. Although the feature appeared in the code, there is no guarantee that it will be made available for the users.

Earlier this year, the social media giant launched another feature which is called Lip Sync Live which lets the users lip sync to the songs they like while they stream live and also lets the users to record themselves on video while doing the same. This feature was launched to compete with the famous lip-syncing app Musical.ly.

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