Scientists Put Forth A New Hypothesis On Our Only Species Of Humans Left Over The Earth 


From all other species existing on earth, humans are the only species to push them in environment where others don’t even dare to go. The two archeologists proposed that the species of Homo sapiens had an ability to develop themselves critical situations. Robert from Institute of Max Planck said humans have tendencies of both generalists as well as specialists. The generalists are those who are capable of using various resources for their livelihood and can live in different environmental conditions. Similarly, the specialists are those who have limited diet along with limited environmental tolerance.

By looking at 7.5 billion people living on Earth in every ecosystem, we cannot say ourselves as diversified species. The genetic diversity of humans is not great as other animals have. The genus of humans has six species in all and all of them are known to us. They all vanished one after another and the last species got extinct was Neanderthals. So, it’s still a mystery that how we are still living. It may be our intellectual power, clever tongues, command on technology and different arts and skills.

The hominins species were found in the regions of African continents for many thousand years back and they probably reached the entire globe. Even the Neanderthals lived in woodlands at the corners of colder areas. Before 40,000 years back, Homo sapiens lived in very harsh environmental conditions which were described as dry, cold or extreme hot. But, it doesn’t give any evidence regarding other species of humans that could live on mountains and deserts or not, it was just a possibility. We still didn’t have any answer for our existence on earth while the extinction of other species happened. The various discoveries related to human shows that we don’t think too much about our origin and we see ourselves as the products originated from our ancestors.

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