A Woman From Denver Dies Slowly Until She Gets Diagnosed By Kidney Failure


A fifty-one year old lady named Lucia from Denver is suffering from kidney failure, due to a Type-2 diabetes. On every Monday, she is carried to the medical center of Denver for dialysis which keeps her alive. She is an unregistered immigrant from US suffering from a chronic renal disease. In the United States, about 650,000 adults have last stage renal failure which needs dialysis thrice a week.

But, as Lucia is the illegal immigrant of US, she doesn’t get any health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. As a result of this, she can’t afford this expensive treatment, so she is helpless and has to hold until her health deteriorates. Currently, Lucia receives help from government under the Medical treatment & Labor Act. This law compels the hospital authorities to help everyone and anyone who are closer to their death, no matter about their citizenship and financial ability.

After dealing with 5 years of her kidney failure, Lucia thinks that she can be cured if she gets a proper treatment at this stage. A physician from Denver Health Center says, “Kidneys filters the extra toxins and fluids from our blood. When both of them stop working, an individual can live only for 10–14 days. So, dialysis is the only option that can help a kidney patient to live longer.”

Lucia says, “She even tracks her fluid and water intake, as its excessive intake could be harmful. As water is a necessary fluid for human body, but drinking extra water can kill her.” As these patients visit the hospital once in a week rather than thrice a week, the extra fluid is stored in the body which circulates to lungs and legs. The toxic element like potassium could even prove fatal causing heart failure. Even though Lucia can have a kidney transplant from anyone, she wishes to donate her own organs after her death.

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