Air Pollution Linked To Heart Disease


According to the latest research, the scientists have revealed that the air pollution is one of the prime reasons that contribute to the heart diseases. In fact, it may make the people vulnerable to the changes which are the primary stages of the heart attack.

In the UK, a study was conducted among 4,000 people under the supervision of the Queen Mary University of London. It revealed the fact that out of the total number of people, those who lived in the vicinity of the busy roads had larger hearts in comparison to those who lived in the lesser polluted regions.

The irony of the study was that the people who were recorded with larger hearts were imposed on pollution which is below the prescribed limit of the UK guidelines.

The team of scientists scrutinized those who were associated with the UK Biobank study and had no history of the heart ailments. The study concluded the fact that a prominent link exists between the elevated levels of air pollution and the left as well as right ventricles of the heart, which are crucial for the pumping action of the organ.

Dr. Nay Aung, who is also a part of the study, stated that the changes in the size of the heart are linked to the hiked blood pressure. He also mentioned air pollution as a high-risk factor.

He further stated that the general physicians, as well as the people, must be aware of the risks of air pollution associated with the heart health in the similar manner of high blood pressure and high cholesterol level of blood.

The fine particles present in the air is extremely dangerous to the human body as it can penetrate deep into the cardiovascular system and lungs, leading to the adverse scenarios. However, Dr. Aung is hopeful that the changes can be reversed.

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