Fortnite To Bypass Google Play For Its Game


The Google Play App store is the most trusted and availed medium for the Android users, which offers diversified kinds of apps in a user-friendly interface. However, the founder of the latest game Fortnite has announced to move in its path of release while bypassing the app store.

The Google Play Store enables the Android smartphone users to download and update various apps in exchange for charging 30% of the sales.

However, this proportion seemed inappropriate to the Chief Executive of the Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, leading to the decision of bypassing the play store. The release date of the game in the Android platform is yet to be announced.

The game of Fortnite Battle Royale is about 100 players on an island, who seek for hidden weapons in order to design defense. The person, who succeeds in surviving in the land for the maximum time, gets crowned as the winner.

The game is free of any charge but can be modified and embellished according to the player’s wish in exchange for a specified remuneration. In fact, they can also purchase additional dance moves and dresses for their character played in the game.

In response to avoiding the renowned platform of Google play store, Tim Sweeney stated that the motto of Epic Games is to create an uninterrupted relationship with the players in every platform they are present in.

Fortnite is made available to the platforms like PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One through their respective official stores. It is also available on iPad and iPhone through the Apple’s App Store in exchange for 30% cut of sales. Since these platforms are minutely scrutinized for any security breaches, people fail to install the games or any other software from the unauthorized sources.

However, Epic Games has given the opportunity to the users to install the game to the Mac or PC from its own official web page.

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