Indians Adding A Lot To Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem


Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist of machine learning and artificial intelligence for Google Cloud, thinks that Indians are contributing enormously to worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) bionetwork. Being the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab’s director at the same time, Li claimed she has a number of close personal mentors who are from India.

“Indian students all over the world are adding a lot to AI and a number of my close personal mentors are also form India,” claimed Li to the media in San Francisco on account of Google Cloud Next 2018 (the firm’s 3-day cloud event). “So, I believe India is adding a lot to the worldwide AI scene.”

With false news emerging in the forefront as a huge issue, there is current research on how AI can be employed to remove it out. Li expects that AI as a tech can possibly be employed to resolve the issue of false news.

“There is current research in the AI society on false news and it is a significant effort,” she claimed. “Similar to how natural language processing (NLP) and AI has been employed in Hollywood to call out gender inequality, I think it is a great employment of the tech to give a positive message and I expect that NLP can add to that (false news issue) as well.”

In the meantime, in India, the tech behemoth’s Google News Initiative rolled out a training system to increase awareness in opposition to misinformation and offer fresh tools to reporters in their war against false news.

The firm is bullish on AI and is gambling big on the technology tech to imprison higher share of the market in the hyper-spirited cloud infrastructure industry. Li thinks that AI is very important to a cloud business since various firms within various verticals are shifting their information to the cloud.

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