The Yellow Ofo Bikes Repaint the Town of Dallas with a Yellow Mess


Dallas has a new problem. It has bright yellow rental Ofo bikes strewn all over the place.

The brightly painted rental bikes are found in a massive heap in the city at the recycling center and the photo has gone viral showing a poor scene of the heaped-up bikes.

Ofo was operating in the city of Dallas till last month. But when a new regulation was passed in the city, it shut down its operations. The new regulation enforced that companies should hold permits and pay bike fee for each bike.

Mayor Mike Rawlings of Dallas has just one word to say about the piled up bike waste, “Terrible”. The bikes were piled up at the CMC Recycling in the city, all mashed up and mangled into a terrible pile of yellow mess.

Ofo has its base in Beijing. About 5,000 Ofo bikes were running in the city of Dallas. Of this, 20,000 were bikeshare riders.

An Ofo spokesperson says that bikes which were in good condition will be sent to Tykes and some will go to the chronically ill at the City Square at Dallas.

Larry James of City Square says “We will distribute the bikes to the deserving people slowly and methodically and not make a mass distribution of them”.

James further says, “It will be useful for many people who really need them. It will save hours for those who can use the bike for travel instead of public transport”. James says that they will not be repainting the bikes.

Dallas has five companies in the rental bike business. Of this three of the companies have left Dallas.

Lime is one of the big bike share players still to still function in Dallas. It has 3,000 bikes along with 600 scooters. The company has said that it will be getting its permit this week.

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