Embalming Recipe of the Mummy Revealed


In an interesting archaeological development, the original secret for preserving dead bodies in Egypt has been found out. The process of preserving is called embalming. A series of chemical lab tests were performed on a mummy that belongs to an era as early as 3700-3500 BC. The reports from the investigation revealed the procedure and it was proven that this formula was developed long time back and it was very popular and used extensively in that period. The mummy which undergone the examination is now residing in Turin, Italy in an Egyptian Museum. The results of the tests are published in a journal by Archaeological Science.

In an interview given to BBC News, Dr. Steven Buckley, who is an archaeologist belonging to the York university, said that the mummy which was used as an investigation tool was the perfect example of embalming process which was prevalent in those days in Egypt and it continued for about 4000years.

Dr. Buckley, along with his team members has discovered the chemical counterpart of all the ingredients used. Though there may be a number of sources for the same element used.  The fundamental recipe is said to contain plant oil, some root extract from bulrushes, sugar from Acacia plant and most important resin from Pine tree. The resin when combined with oil gives the whole mixture an antibacterial quality to protect the body from damage from decay.

Dr. Buckley with his team had started this investigation a few years ago after taking out and analyzing the chemical properties of Egyptian material which was used to cover the mummies. These textile materials were showcased at Bolton Museum which is located in North England. They date back to 4000 BC and it proves that mummification and embalming originated a long time back. This uncovering showed the team the road to the ancient mummy in Turin and compelled them to examine its chemical compositions.

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