Confidential Mode Is All Set To Roll Out For Android Devices


Earlier in this year, Google has released an update for its Gmail app as it introduced a Confidential Mode for its app on a desktop application and now the same model is going to be available in an Android version.

The Gmail’s official tweeter handle has confirmed the news of the rollout of the feature for the mobile devices. It allows the users to place a self-destroy mechanism to talk in order to safeguard the crucial data from any sort of illicit access.

With the help of this mode, Gmail user can schedule and expiration date for all the emails, which is same as the feature of the Snapchat message, and the users as well as the ability to revoke the permission at any point of time.

The receiver of the email cannot forward, copy, download or print the email that is marked as a confidential mail. As an extra shield, Google also provides the users the alternative of having an SMS passcode to have an access for a specific message. When this functionality is activated, the receiver will first receive a text message that has the passcode which they need to unlock the email.

In addition to this new feature, Gmail as well is going to have a completely new look for the email client, which is redesigning the Gmail with a flair of Material Design. Users can visit the support page of Google for instruction on sending and viewing the messages which are marked as confidential.

The new feature is currently accessible; users need not update their Gmail App, as noted by GSM Arena. However, there has been no declaration by Google that when they are planning to roll out this feature for iOS users, but there is no reason for the feature not releasing for iOS and macOS Users.

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