Twitter’s Upcoming Developer Changes Has Found Its Victim, With Tweetbot


The API revamping that Twitter will soon undergo has already had a casualty, with Tweetbot facing the brunt of the changes. Tweetbot, a third-party application developed by Tapbots, has just received an update on the iOS platform, and this has brought to light many of the problems that Tapbots had earlier been worried about. The issues include no further real time updates, owing to the disabling of the Automatic timeline refreshing feature; the removal of the Apple Watch app; and delay in push notifications for DMs and mentions by a minute or two. Also, the push notification for follows, quotes and likes has completely disappeared.

The developer Tapbots has stated that it has been working relentlessly to reinstate some of such features which are gone, however, ultimately it is all in Twitter’s hands to provide some alternatives and as such, their hands are tied. Twitter had announced these changes last year, with a view to tighten control over the manner that the third-party sites are using its services, by bringing in an account activity API, in place of the user streams, site streams as well as direct message endpoints. Naturally, there was a resistance from the third-part developers, which led to Twitter pushing the date of the switch from June 19 to August 16, but the irrelevance of the delay, owing to the fact that Twitter has not announced plans till now of offering them access to the new API, has meant that apps like Twitterific, Tweetings and Tweetbot may well be counting the time before they go offline, a fate that Favstar met back in June.

Twitter has been notably absent from the list of platforms that have banned Alex Jones or removed his pages; however, the company has just took some steps against the conspiracy theorist, by preventing Infowars account from posting tweets for a week, which follows a similar ban on Alex Jones’ account. The punishment was for a policy violation, which was caused due to a Periscope video where he had asked his followers to “get their battle rifles ready”, as well as telling them that “now is the time to act on the enemy”. Even though the video was removed from Twitter, it was still up on Twitter-owned Periscope, which promptly suspended the Infowars account. Twitter, which has been quite dodgy on this issue, still has not stated what policies should be violated by either of the accounts to take them down permanently.

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