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Rising Technological Developments Propelling The Global Biological Safety Cabinets Market

Biological safety cabinet offers an enclosed laboratory space. It is specifically designed using High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters. These filters are helpful in keeping the workspace & environment clean and pathogens & bacteria free.

Biological safety cabinets offer an individual safety while working with the biohazardous material in the enclosed atmosphere in controlled conditions. These cabinets work as a key player in life science, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industry while conducting research for discovery of various drugs that are used to treat a number of diseases or while developing novel vaccines against various diseases. The biological safety cabinets can also be used for academics and research purposes.


Various important factors such as encouraging regulations, enlarged risks of pandemics, and communicable diseases have triggered the growth of the market in recent years. Similarly, the market has witnessed a rapid growth in the number of pharmaceutical companies as well as the number of biologics. This growth has been impacting the market positively.

With the tremendous increase in R&D, modernization, and atomization in research laboratories the global biological safety cabinet market is supposed to witness a huge growth. The global market is also driven by an increase in various healthcare facilities. The advancement in technology is offering modernization and atomization in laboratories that help in reducing the human errors, efforts, and time required to get the results of the tests. In June 2018, Thermo Fisher Scientific opened a Precision Medicine Science Centre (PMSC) in Cambridge that offered omics technologies.

The global biological safety cabinet market is continuously witnessing a steady growth over a period of time that offers the users with ease of work, comfort level, and safety. These cabinets offer various features such as adjustable height stand, energy efficiency, and factory installed UV.

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In recent years, the demand for the latest and innovative products has increased. This demand is responsible for the increase in research lab setups, which results in fueling the growth of the biological safety cabinets market.

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